Chelsea and Michael

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Our Story

Chelsea and Michael first met in 2016 when Chelsea's mom met Michael and knew he would be perfect for her daughter! After a night of tacos and margaritas they instantly knew there was something about the other, and as they say... the rest is history.

They were soon spending any free moment together, getting to know one another, and exchanging stories of their various travels and adventures. Their relationship continued to grow rapidly when after just 6 months of dating one another, they decided to quit their jobs, and took off backpacking over seas, adding to their growing list of adventures, now together. Visiting 21 countries over a year of traveling, Chelsea and Michael solidified their love for another and began planning a life together. After all, if they could travel and have fun while being on a budget, not understanding the language, and constantly being in a state of confusion and unknowing, they knew they could handle anything together.

On their 5th anniversary Michael finally built up the courage to get down on one knee, and luckily Chelsea said yes! They then enjoyed a long weekend celebrating in Napa and updating all of their friends and family on their big news, as they were the ones who literally helped make this all possible in the first place.

They are now enjoying yet another adventure after purchasing their first home and moving up to Portland. Family and friends continue to be a center point in their lives as they now look forward to celebrating their special day with an intimate backyard wedding, with the people most important in their lives.

Look forward to seeing everyone this September.

Please RSVP by August 17th, 2022